Sunday, January 10, 2010

Candid Shots of the Kids

Ahhhh, my kids crack me up. Especially Sterling, when I pull the camera out, he's such a ham. I took these after church today because they all looked so stinkin' cute!

Ace really wanted to take all these trucks to naptime with him. I didn't think it looked too comfortable but I let him cuddle them and go to sleep. I hope he had some sweet trucking dreams.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Shredding It Up At The Canyons pt. 2

Yay! Phil made it off the lift!Caught Phil smiling!
Linds and I and Grace in the background doing some sort of snowboard shimmy?
Cute Grace!
Grace and Phil on the gondola.

Shredding It Up At The Canyons

One of our Christmas presents was to go snowboarding the day after Christmas with Lindsey and Jason and Joe's cousin, Phil and his girlfriend, Grace. It turned out to be a beeautiful day and we had such a blast! Joe and Jason have been snowboarding since high school so they took off on their own while the rest of us went to ski school. It was Lindsey's first time and only my third so we learned a lot and got a good work out from our instructor, Baz, who liked to make us climb hills all day long! Somehow me and Lindsey ended up as The Matching Princess Sisters in all our borrowed gear and special needs, haaa (Linds ;)).
Us on the gondola ride from the parking lot to the lodge.
My kids goggles were really helpful - NOT. I will need to invest in some stylish and necessary duds that actually fit if I plan on pursuing this Holly hobby. Maybe Santa will bring me some next Christmas! I had to wear Abby's coat, a little snug.
Jason Jesse and Lindsey Grace Howell of Provo, Utah 84606.

Our Jolly Good Christmas Morning 2009 part two

The aftermath! Whoa.Big kids helping babies open presents!
Marlowe couldn't take all the excitement...
Buster's cute little happy face!
All the boys reading a book from Ace's stocking, so cute!