Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Hey, hey, hey! Here I am, on my new blog! Hopefully I can keep up with you all much better with this here bloggy thing.
Ace (five months old) is growing up way too fast for our liking. We already miss how snuggly and sleepy he was a couple of months ago. Although he is so much fun now; wiggly and giggly and slobbery fun.
Sterling (three and a half) is sweet and hilarious. He recently made up the word comflated which means he needs to watch cartoons. After styling his hair the other morning he said, "let me go look in the mirror...I look fantastic!"
Buster (seven years old) moves quickly from one thing to the next. He loves soccer and football and wrestling. He is quick with a joke and has a gut-busting 'Eh, Old Buddy, Old Pal' routine that you have to experience to understand.
Abby (nine years going on nineteen) is my right-hand (wo)man, okay, girl. As helpful and as full of spit and vinegar as ever. She loves to be independent and do things her way. Currently she takes a Hawaiian Dance class and is learning to shake the hips that she may have one day. She was voted friendliest person in her grade last year at school.
I am busy trying to keep the little ones happy all day and I have started working on the photo calendars I make each year for the grandparents for Christmas. I love baking and cooking and trying new recipes. I'm trying to figure out what to make the kids for Halloween. I bought a hot dog costume for the baby on clearance last year. We have some previously worn costumes that I am trying to convince the older boys to use this year. The Frankensein costume Buster wore a couple years back didn't get it's fair share of wear. Anywho, enough about me....
Joe works hard everyday for us as a realtor/golfpro/entrepreneur/businessman/husband/football coach/writer/father/sports fan/wrestling coach/scoutmaster/teacher/soccer coach/comedian/etc. It's hard on him to be so awesome.