Saturday, September 12, 2009

Abby as Prince Madoc

Abby was chosen to play Prince Madoc in a school debate for the 5th graders. It was all about who really discovered America first. She had to memorize all of the information about Prince Madoc and wear a costume and tell all the fifth graders about him. Luckily for us, her Great Uncle John, who is a drama teacher and producer of school plays, was visiting and designed her awesome costume for her. Then we all got to watch her in action. It was cute, she did a great job!

Nana and Uncle John's Visit

My Dear Nana and Uncle John drove up from LA to spend almost a week with us and we had so much fun with them! We definitely don't get to see each other nearly enough. Lindsey and Jason came down from Salt Lake to see them also, so that just added to the good times. We played lots of games, talked a lot, ate lots of great food, and did some fun things! One of the highlights of our time together was going to the Tuachan outdoor amphitheater to see a production of AIDA! We ate at so many yummy restaurants. Thanks so much for coming out and for all the fun, Nana and Uncle John!!! Miss you!

This is us at Samauri 21, a Japanese steakhouse, where we all (except Nana) caught shrimp that was flung into our mouths by the crazy chef. He really chucked them at the kids, it was too funny. He had them open their mouths as wide as they could and angled their heads where he wanted them and told them to just hold still while he did a line drive, hopefully, into their mouths. It took a couple of tries but he kept going til they caught one. We all had a good laugh.

Park Play

The kids had some friends over and it was only around 100 degrees so we decided to take them all to the park since it had been closer to 113 most of the summer and we had been indoors so much. It was a good time, nice in the shade. The older kids loved taking turns swinging from branches while singing the Indiana Jones theme song as loud as their lungs would let them! The little boys ran around and played with Buddy the dog or wrestled. We also played frisbee and checked out the playground.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Everybody Loves Ace

Little Ace is so fun to play with. He loves to try to zoom around the kitchen area on his wiggle racer, just like his older sibs. Even though my house sounds like a train station, seriously, it's a lot of fun for them so I let it roll. Sterling is such a sweet big brother. These two have lots of fun together while the older kids are at school.
I love to make him giggle and his neck is a prime target for getting a chuckle out of him.
When he rides with Abby or Buster, it's like he's on the speedway, they go so fast. Usually in a big figure eight formation around the island and dining room table. Even Sterling zips around so fast without bumping into anything, it amazes me.
Ace usually just starts screeching when Buster comes near. Buster likes to wrestle and mess around with him and he sure gets it back from Ace, it's quite hilarious. He must have been distracted by all the fun at the park in this pic.
Ace won't stop saying 'uh-oh'. He says it ALL the time, about everything. You might think that it would start to get annoying but it doesn't because he's so cute and serious when he says it, it just makes us smile and laugh. He knows everything we say and tries to be good.