Friday, July 31, 2009

Twenty-Fourth of July/Pioneer Day in Utah!

Having fun with the fam and trying to stay cool on a hot summer day.Abby and Buster watching a storm roll in later that day.

Cute little Ace.
At the park after the ice cream truck came by, classic.

Twenty-Fourth Fun in the Sun/Shade/House

Jason inspired us all to go to lunch at In-n-Out Burger, as usual. We found a shady park pavillion to eat under, I'm sure it was over 100 degrees that day. Tasty.

Grandma Vicki, Sterling, Joe, Buster, Jason, Lindsey, Abby, Ace, and Holly (Grandad was taking the pic)
Chillin' with Auntie L.
Beginning of my seventh month.
Cutest Couple Everrr.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Twenty-Fourth Festivities

So different people took different pics of all the different things we did this day and these are the only ones I have to post right now. I may have to add more about our fun day later...
Uncle Jason and his frisbee halo that makes him very happy.
He also really enjoys sparklers.
Abby, Buster, Holly plus baby, Sterling, Ace, Lindsey, Grandma Vicki and Jason ready for another round of sparklers!
Sterling got pretty into it.
Abby's hair tribute to fireworks on Pioneer Day!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Foam Heads

Abby decided to have a little fun with some bath foam and her baby brother's head. We could not stop laughing. Ace would just sit there and let her do this to his head and not make a peep or reach up. Then he would smile for the camera and Abby would re-do his doo. Then she got into the action and made a troll out of herself. So funnay.

On the River Front

We took the kids and the dog to play in the river in Zion National Park last Saturday. It was muddy fun for everyone! Ace loved playing in the sand and watching the big kids float down the river on a wakeboard(?). Buddy just loves playing fetch in the river and then shaking muddy water all over all of us.
I might have to frame this one of Ace and hang it on the wall.
There were tiny frog's or toad's hopping around all over the place.
Catching frogs and chasing sticks.
The scenery is amazing there!