Thursday, December 30, 2010

This was taken from a train that my Aunt Marilyn was riding with her husband, my mother, two of my Uncles, an Aunt and a cousin! We happened upon their train while we were driving back down the canyon so we ran up to say hi.Groom and Abigail.
Buster doing tricks with his Uncle's help.
Bad family photo...
Reception/Party Time!

Sterling with his fun Uncle Matt!
Abby and Grandad getting dancey!
Marlowe affixing Grandad's bootinear! haha How in the world do you spell that word?
Abby always helping!
At Buca di Beppo for the tasty wedding lunch.

Acey baby.

After the beautiful and touching ceremony, we all assembled ourselves for a million pictures outside of the Salt Lake Temple.Beckman siblings.
All of my siblings.
Beckman/Gille Families!

Family Park Party 3

I picked Lindsey up from work at Nordy's!This was another picnic at a park in Provo with more of my family.
We went to Thanksgiving point and visited with some aminals. I think I have a bunch more pictures of this outing so stay tuned for that. You know you want to.
Playing around with my babies!
Marlowe didn't really like the grass on her crawling parts so she tried the bear walk. It was so cute. Or maybe it was hard to crawl in her dress. She did this a lot at home too. Love those leg rolls!

Family Park Party 2

A family reunion of sorts!
The rest of my clan was still in St. George finishing up with work and school for the week. They came up just in time for the wedding.
I knew I had one of us all with our eyes open, JULIE! JK, I love you!
My super cute baby girl.
Aunt Lindsey helping out with a lovely background for this adorable shot.

Family Park Party

This was a couple of days before Stephen(i)'s big day. Just a family get together at a park in SLC. It was great to see everyone. My talented sis, Tiffany, took all of these pics.
Hmmm, let's see...from the left - Nana, Lindsey, Holly, Ace, Stephen, (Stepheni?), Martin, other side of the table - Grandad?, Grandma Vicki, Tiffany, Julie, Uncle John!
Marlowe and Grandaddy
Sweet photo montage.
Lindsey, Stephen, Ace, Holly, Julie, and M-lo
Beckman sibs!

to be continued...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pre-Wedding Sitters

Awww, poor Marlowe!
We went up to the Provo/Salt Lake area for Stephen's wedding. Well, the two littlest ones and I went up a few days early to be with Grandmother and Stephen/Stepheni, Linds and Jase, Grandad and Grandma Vicki, etc, etc...the list really could go on and on. I love you ALL! Anyways, we had some shopping to do and Uncey Jason offered to stay in the car with the babies and this is the position he assumed....RUDE. Just messing. Thank you for helping, Jason!
Ace didn't mind it all... Bachelor parties are a whole different story.

This is my sweet Aunt Marilyn who traveled from Arkansas to help and attend the wedding/reception and play with my kids! My camera is on its last leg. It's been abused and mistreated. Hence, the blurry pics. She was entertaining them while we all helped set up for the reception. Thanks Aunt Marilyn!

Family Portrait

Laguna Beach 6

We missed you Lowie!
(These are out of order.) On the way home, Abby, Buster and I rode the Desperado roller coaster and screamed our heads nearly off! It was a blast!
We drove down the coast a little to find a pier to walk out on. We actually saw a guy catch a baby nurse shark right off the pier, exciting!
It was a beautiful day!

Laguna Beach 5

Goofing off...
More goofing around...
Even more...
Yep, still more...
Way to bring up the rear, Ace.

Laguna Beach 4

We rode the trolley around town...
The kids loved it!

A natural arch in the cliff at the beach, so cool!