Sunday, October 3, 2010

When Nature Calls...

Sterling and his bestie, Max, went to nature camp together this summer. They were so excited to be at camp and in the same 'tribe'.They got special plaques because their tribe won the most challenges.
Sterling gushing over his plaque, haaa.
Sterling and Max - best buds.

Birthday Lakeside

Buster at the lake, as requested.Watch out behind you Abby!
Happy girl!

Say cheese!Cali and Sterling mucking it up.
Needless to say, it was a great day on the lake! Thanks Buster!

Moe Tired

This pic was snapped after an evening of fun at the lake around the campfire cooking hotdogs and roasting marshmallows and eating pie and running around in the forest and playing with cousins and inhaling lots of toxic smoke from random things the kids threw into the fire. So yeah, they were pretty exhausted.Marlowe is a sweet little thing.
Even when she rips all of her cute headbands off her head a half a second after I put them on.

Birthday Boy, Buster!

Buster turned nine on June 27th! I can't believe my little boy is nine already. Man, time just flies when you're having fun raising five kids. Buster is a great boy and lots of fun. He plays well with one and all and is easy to get along with. He does well in school, one of his teachers even said she would clone him if she could! Ha! He's really cute with his baby brother and sister and Sterling loves to do whatever Buster's doing. Love you Buster! So glad you're a part of our family!Buster wanted to spend his birthday on the lake with his cousins. Those pics will be in the next post. Note Sterling and Cali holding hands in this pic, it was sooo cute. They have lots of fun together and they're in the same Kindergarten class to boot!
Grandma Andreasen and Joe looking on.
Buster thanking Sterling for his gift.
Buster wanted brownies for his birthday cake. I was happy to comply!
A little video of us singing to the birthday boy...

We're On A Boat!

Somehow we had the luck of acquiring an old, jalopy party barge that, with a little work, Joe made seaworthy. Or, lakeworthy, here in the George. We took it out a couple times this summer and played in the water while Joe fished. Joe's nephew, Dallin, came with us.
Ace was the captain.
It's a fun way to spend the day...especially when someone with a tube hooked to their boat joins us. ;)

Awards Tank

Both Abby and Buster scored so well on testing at school that they got certificates and candy bars and recognized during an assembly. Abby excelled in language arts by scoring in the top ten percent in the nation. Buster scored in the top ten in the nation in language arts, core and science. So proud of these kids!!!
One Saturday we all went to Costco and they had an army tank in the parking lot for people to explore...we took some pics. They also had some Star Wars characters that you could take a free photo with. It was pretty fun (and free) ((except for the big bucks we always tend to drop when shopping at Costco)).