Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ace's First Birthday (from April)

We celebrated Ace's First Birthday back in April while we were in Provo celebrating Matt Gille's graduation from BYU! Grandad had these pics and I finally got them from him so I can blog about it now! He looks so cute and curious about what the heck is going on.

Ace is thee sweetest little boy who loves to snuggle and give hugs and kisses but he also loves to wrestle and horse around and be right in the middle of the action. He's learned that Buster likes to take his abuse and will just attack him whenever Buster holds him or is sitting on the floor, it's hilarious. His big smile and baby laughter is contagious. He's very friendly and will usually let just about anyone hold him. He smiles and waves goodbye to everyone at bedtime right before he gets tucked into his crib with a special blankey, a fan, a sound machine with white noise on quite loudly, no night light and the door shut tight to his very own room for the night or he will wake up at the drop of a pin. He loves to be near me if not right on my lap or under my feet in the kitchen. If his older sister and brother's are home, he'll play happily near them. He loves getting into bathroom stuff-toothbrushes especially, so we have to keep the doors closed. My cell phone is his favorite toy and I usually breathe on it and clean off the fingerprints once he's done with it so now he does that to everything. For example, he blows on his food, then eats it or he'll blow on whatever he's playing with. It's pretty funny. He likes to put on anyone's shoes that he finds and he'll try to walk around in them. He loves books and toys that make music. Whenever he hears music he starts dancing, even in his carseat. He wrestles during diaper changes unless he has a toy or book to keep him occupied. He loves milk and blueberries and that green Superfood juice and anything with tomato sauce. He loves to play monster and 'I'm gonna get you' and laughs/squeals with delight if we scare him as he toddles around a corner. He really likes to help me load and unload the dishwasher. He'll only tolerate his carseat for so long. He loves getting into anything we accidentally leave down low at his level. He communicates with questioning oooo's, it's hard to describe without making the sound. He can say uh-oh, ow, hello, Mama, Dada, ba(which can mean bottle, bye, banana, Buddy the dog, Abby or Buster, etc.) and he has the three sounds of 'I love you' down. We love to tickle him, especially his neck area, and make him giggle. He really hates baths and would rather take a shower. Ace is just a pure joy to have in our family and we love him soooo much!

Yummy cake. I thought we let him tear into his own piece but I guess we didn't get it on film?

He's blowing you a kiss!

Our Family Pictures

Family Pictures

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The After Party

Buster chose Pirate Island Pizza as our destination for lunch after his Baptism, which is fitting right??? Not very spiritual but we had fun times and some delicious pizza!

Here is Grandad entertaining Ace while we wait for our pizza to come.
Ace and Papa.
Holly and Lindsey.
Ace and Grandma.
Jason and Lindsey cheesing it up, as usual.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Buster's Baptism Day

Okay, so I learned something during/after this photo shoot. Two photographer's is one too many. I don't think I have one photo where we are all looking at the same camera, ugh.
These are our attempts...

Sterling got tired of it all pretty quickly and needed some (head) support from his mother.

This one makes me a little seasick..but it's cute.
Left to right: Kat, Robert, Lindsey, Grandad, Abby, Jason, Sterling, Grandma Vicki, Holly, Ace, Buster, Papa, Grammy, Joe.
It was a great day and the baptism was particularly sweet. A special thank you to all those who participated and came all this way to support Buster and our family. We love you, we love the good times we shared, and we can't wait to see you all again soon!

Buster's Baptism Day Two

Thalia, Abby and Samantha. Abby played the piano while the two girls, who are sister's sang. It was really very sweet, they did a wonderful job!

This pic just cracks me up, we've got four in row with their eyes closed, but I don't think it's quite good enough to post on or whatever that website is. Haaa.
Ugh, Lindsey! Why do you always salute during family pics??? So strange...
Mom, Dad and Buster the Baptism Boy!

Vicki opening her belated Birthday gift from me!