Monday, March 29, 2010

Show Time

So this was really fun. I got to go to the Colbie Caillet concert with some friends! It was a great show!
My fun friend, Chantel, and I!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sterling's Fifth Birthday Party

Ace and Marlowe lounging around before the party began.
Marlowe and Buster shared this special moment that day.
Party kids digging into the snake cake I made for Sterling's jungle themed party.
The yummy snake cake and the proud five year old stud and a very excited friend, Matthew.
Joe got Sterling a fun Perplexus ball game thingy.

Sterling's Fifth Birthday

Sterling with his Birthday book from me. These books make us laugh.
Sterling with his friend Jaren.
Opening presents is glorious! At least that's what his face is telling me in this photo.
Playing Gazelle, Gazelle...LION!
Group shot!

Party at Sterling's Preschool

We took cookies to Sterling's Preschool to celebrate his Fifth Birthday. His friends were so cute and all of his brothers and sisters were able to come too! Somehow the little ones aren't in these'll just have to take my word for it.

The super smiley Birthday Boy!
I think we were washing up with hand sanitizer here, haha.

Ace's Speech Therapy Session

We're all having a good time trying to teach Ace, who is almost 2, how to talk. This cuteness was caught on tape one night during dinner...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

ReALly RAnDoM...

Um, I'm not sure why I just added this photo. It's not very good. I'm not sure how to delete though.
This is about how my day usually goes with my nearly-two-year-old. I'll be ecstatic when he starts to really talk to me.
This is the only pic I took when Jason and Lindsey came down for Valentine's Weekend. We did lots of fun things too, it's a shame.
This is Marlowe smiling insanely at something.
This is Miss Marlowe studying her toes.

Grandpa Joe's 86th!!

Boys and their DS's...this is how they partied at Grandpa Joe's Birthday Party...Uncle Dick, Joe, Ace and Grandpa enjoying the evening.
Wow, all of us together for a pic!
Aunt Eulalia relaxing after fixing all of us a delicious meal. Thanks again!
Chris is always helping!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Grandpa Joe's 86th!

Papa is so cute with the babies!My kids and Uncle Ricky, visiting from China for Chinese New Year!
Andy and Grandpa Joe
Abby and her Great-Grandpa
Grandpa Joe, Abby, Papa, Grandma and Grammy


I'm sorry that pretty much all the pic's I post on here are extremely candid shots. Please try to appreciate what is good and right about them and don't dwell on our misfortunes. That being said, I encourage you to chuckle a little bit, at least, at Sterling's face in this pic. Oh dear. Buster and Marlowe, too. Just makes me giggle. At least the background is gorgeous...

Marlowe has a weight problem. She's definitely our chunkiest. Sterling calls her 2-3 chins her 'beef turkey'. What? Yeah, I don't know where he came up with that. And sadly, Uncle Jason was christened with a 'garlicky beef turkey' last time he was here, as Sterling was cradling his uncle's chin in his hand.