Sunday, June 28, 2009

Eight is Great!

My second born and eldest son, Buster, turned eight on Saturday! Summer birthday's are tricky, only two of his friends were in town. Since it was such a small group we gave him some options and he chose to play around at the Fiesta Family Fun Center. Buster lovingly allowed Abby and Sterling to join in on the fun even though Abby's party was girls only. Abby's heartbroken meltdown helped sway him I think ;) That girl's got talent! It was a great party for a great you Buster!!

The boys were so excited to see each other and get the party started!
He decided to open his presents first...
and even took the time read each card thoroughly, which I thought was adorable!
Poor Ace has been struggling with a sinus infection so I stayed behind so he could get a good nap in and get better.
The kids totally pumped and moistened after going on the bumper boats! Woohoo!
Sterling, Abby, Kolby, Bryce and Buster

Party Crew on the Putt Putt Golf Course!Buster and the Skateboard Cake I made for him. He just went to a Little Grinder's Skateboarding Camp and had so much fun!
Peek A Boo, Sterling! He snuck himself into this shot, little cutie.
I was delighted with the results, yay me!
Happy Birthday to BUSTER!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Trade Show in Vancouver, BC, Canada

This is the reason for our business trip turned family vacay to Vancouver. Here is Joe's dad, R. Don Morris running his booth at the Vancouver Cambridge Conference.

Playground in Stanley Park, Vancouver

Bubba, Ace and Joe at the playground in Stanley Park. Ace
Is this the look of complete and utter indifference or what?? Nap time for Acey Boo.Little Ster from atop the sea wall.
The walking/biking/running trail/balance beam around beautiful Stanley Park.
Ace and ripped Uncle Bubba.
A look out point.

Our Jaunt through Stanley Park in Vancouver

Me and the kids at Stanley Park with Vancouver in the background!Tara, Sterling and then there's Buster doing what he does best - stuffing his pockets full of treasures!
I think this is the poor little crab known as Crabby Joe that Buster snuck back to the hotel in his pocket. May he/she rest in peace.
Crab hunting. They could have done this all the live long day.
I need to remember to remove my sunglasses for pics, eh?

Totem Poles

The cousins (Trey, Abby and Sterling here) loved playing in the huge forest of tall trees and dense underbrush at Stanley Park. They all found perfect walking sticks and ran around like hooligans. What could be more fun???Trey, Sterling, Badge, Buster and Miles
Ace and I
I so loved all the greenery and being by the ocean, it was truly gorgeous and I was ready to move there.
The Totem Poles at Stanley Park

Monday, June 22, 2009

Our Second Day in Vancouver

Waiting for the bus in Vancouver on our way to the Aquarium. Ace is in the stroller next to Abby, guess the photographer didn't notice him, so sad. Grammy and Tara and I decided to take the kids there while the husbands were working at the Trade Show. It was a gorgeous day as we walked around the city looking for our bus stop. Public transit was cheap and it really wasn't very far away from the hotel.Three of my kids in an aquarium bubble.
Enjoying the sights.
Miles, Abby, Cali, Badge, Trey, Buster, Sterling and Ace say hello from the Vancouver Aquarium!
Goofy Faces.
Badge, Buster, Abby, Trey and Miles apparently waiting for a sting ray or something cool to swim by in the touch tank.Sterling and a HUGE sea turtle!
Ace just chilling with his ba, taking it all in.
Okay, lucky us, we happened to go to the aquarium the same day that Aurora the Beluga Whale gave birth to a baby Beluga! We saw most of it, when we got there the little tail was sticking out! We watched for a good hour or so, but the kids didn't really want to sit there forever waiting for the birth so, of course, a few minutes after we left to look at another exhibit it happened! Ugh. I did got pics of the new baby whale though! I'm pretty sure it's on youtube.
The cousins around the fountain at the entrance/exit of the aquarium! Yay, we had a great time there!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Birch Bay, WA

After staying in Vancouver for two lovely, city nights we headed down to a quiet time share with Grammy and Tara and the kids in Birch Bay, WA.When the tide was out in the bay you could walk on the sand so far! The kids had a good old time finding sea creatures caught in puddles. They found humongo clams and crabs and fish and a sea anemone! They were in heaven!
Poor skinny Sterling. His shorts kept falling down, it was pretty funny. Here he's holding them up while running to me...with a shark. It's plastic.
Cali and Grammy and Ace didn't come out too far, it was pretty muddy. I ruined my leather flip flops. :(

Humidity does strange things to my hair, at least Ace looks adorable!

Pics from the Seattle Area

We stopped as often as the kids needed to, especially poor little Ace. He really did quite well, but he got a little sick in the middle of the trip. This was a nice park we found right on a lake with big trees, which I love. We were also trying to avoid the traffic jam around Seattle that we found ourselves stuck in! Ace was so happy to be out of his carseat! All smiles!
Three out four. Not bad.
By the Space Needle.