Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nine Months Pregnant!!!!

Girlie Baby Shower

I had the best time at my baby shower! So thankful for wonderful family and friends and being able to spend time with some of them. Lindsey was a terrific hostess and my friend Pilar helped a lot, they are the best! We played some funny games like melting various chocolate candy bars in a diaper and everyone had to guess what they were. People were even tasting the sample which made it a little gross to watch! We also played 'guess the baby food in the jar', Lindsey found some really interesting types. I don't think anyone got one exactly right. We made up baby names out of Holly/Joseph and played the memory game with baby items. The food was really yummy, too! Thanks for coming everyone and thank you for the cute girlie gifts, sooo fun! Sisterly love!
Chantel and I and our bellies full of girls!
All the preggy girls on the couch! Chantel, me, Lindsey (not preggy) and Melissa
Lindsey's sweet mother-in-law, Linda, happened to be in town!

Girlie Baby Shower Part 2

Thee Ultimate Hostess and I!Olivia and Holly!
Pilar playing the candy bar diaper game, yum, yum!
Melissa and I.
Holly, Olivia, Lindsey, Me, Chantel, Melissa, Linda, and Pilar!
A very special THANK YOU to Lindsey and Pilar for being so sweet and throwing me this shower!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Parade Participants!

Sterling was invited to ride on his Preschool's float in the Santa Clara Swiss Days Parade and he was so excited! Buster decided to ride along and help him throw candy and Abby offered to help the animal shelter walk one of their dogs. So Ace and Daddy and I got to just relax and watch the parade and take pics of the kids as they came by. The weather was so perfect. It was a fun morning.