Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Abigail - April 2011

Buster - April 2011

Sterling - April 2011

Ace - April 2011

Marlowe - April 2011

Home Improvements

We FINALLY got our yard in!
 I love it.  It looks great.  We get compliments on it all the time.  Such a beautiful improvement from the dirt yard I endured for years!

 We inherited this nice old table and chairs from Joe's grandma.  I decided to refinish and reupholster it myself.  Crazy, I know.  

  It was tons of work.   Pretty happy with the results though.

Dixie Flyer!

 Abby went to a cheer camp and got to be a Dixie Flyer at a high school basketball game back in 02/2011.  She had a blast and we had fun watching her in action!
 She redesigned her huge T-shirt, it was super cute!

 There she goes!

Hiking Around the Dixie Rock

These pix are from February of 2011.  A bunch of Joe's family was in town and some of us went hiking around the Dixie Rock which overlooks downtown St. George.  

 Quite picturesque.
 There's a short slot canyon thing that you can try to squeeze through.  It was really causing me some claustrophobia and my clothes got all dirty but I made it!  Lots of people chickened out, it's really tight.

A...B...C...Cheese (cont'd)