Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Try

I tried my darndest to get a good pic of the kids at the park last January.  This is all I got.

Apparently, Abby had to take a call during this one.  Sterling looks a bit uncomfortable/awkward.  Marlowe's shirt is bunched up around her neck.  Ace and Buster look gooood.
 Weird angle.  Buster has giant feet.  Marlowe's making a strange face.  Look over here, Ace.  And Sterling.  Abby and Buster win!
 This is actually probably the best one though far from perfect.  That's why I have never ever claimed to be a professional photographer.
 Sterling was trying to help with Marlowe but it didn't quite work out.  Come on, Ace, seriously?
 Last try before Marlowe had had enough, haha.  Oh well, such is my life.  Love these little ones more than anything!

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