Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oh What Can You Do On Christmas Day?

We have a cute little book with that same title. ^ I've read it to my kids 473 times!

So, on Christmas Day, after opening all of our delightful presents, we went over to Grammy and Papa's house for a yummy breakfast.  Isn't that so sweet of them to do?  Yes.

This is how Marlowe ate her pancakes.
 Ace got all sticky.
 Sterling struck a pose.
 Abby had bangs.
 Buster wasn't sure where to sit(?).  Oh no, he was done eating and was already playing outside.
 Then, Jason and Lindsey Howell came down to spend a couple of days of their Christmas break with us.  Including the occurance (my spell check says occurance is not a word!) ((oh well)) of their SECOND anniversary!  Aren't they adorable!?  They insisted that I join them at Lindsey's favorite restaurant in the SG, The Painted Pony.  I felt like a third wheel but that didn't stop me from enjoying their company and the food immensely.  Jason was a kind and generous man to spend his anniversary in our guest room.

 I should have just gone to bed or gotten in the shower instead of taking pics of myself in this state of disarray!  haha  But I must document that I was actually around.  I guess I'm the only one that ever pulls out the camera.

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