Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Christmas 2010

We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas this year, at home.  Honestly, I'm writing this on a Tuesday in September of 2011 and I can hardly remember what we did last Christmas!  Isn't that terrible?!  I have the memory of a toad.  If it weren't for pictures like these, it would all just be a big blur!  Ugh.  What I wouldn't give for better memory cells!  But, obviously we celebrated well and received many thoughtful and wonderful gifts from our loved ones.  The kids acted out the nativity very creatively, I do remember that!  It was a very well produced show with many props(a huge mess).  

I think this was when I got this new camera that stretches heads at the very tops of pictures!

 The stockings were hung by the chimney with care...
Oh, I do remember Abby and I made a new stocking and we had lots of fun doing it.  We only were able to complete the one, on the very end, but have big plans to make two more so each child has a homemade stocking from Mommy.  The first one is Buster's.  I got a little carried away with the length, it's like, 4 feet long or something ridiculous like that.  But of course, Buster looooves having the biggest, longest stocking.  Then the one in the middle is Sterling's...now.  It started out as Abby's and was the first one I ever made.  Until Abby got to pick out her own material, the one at the very end, made to hang the wrong way, oops.  Oh well.  It's kinda charming, right??
 The cute boys with tired eyes.  
 The children delving into their stockings.
 Sterling and his awethum remote control car!
 Abby and Buster with their Ripsticks!  Boy have these things gotten a lot of use.  They've gotten really good at riding them.  I'm very impressed with their skills.  I tried to ride one once and almost died.
 We love fun games!
 I can't believe I didn't take a picture of the Christmas tree with presents around it!?  Hello?  I'm not the best picture taker...
Hope everyone reading this had a blessed Christmas last year!  Hopefully you can remember it better than me!

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julie babcock said...

Wow! You're catching up on almost a whole year of life! You're captions are so funny. Thanks for making me snicker...(David just asked me what's so funny).

I Love You!!!