Saturday, February 5, 2011

Give Thanks 2010

Marlowe's Number One!

Yep, it's official. As of October 21st, Marlowe is now one year old! It's been an amazing year with an exceptional girl! She's been the perfect addition to our family and we wouldn't know what to do without her. She's definitely adored by all.

To celebrate, I made her a lemon cookie/cream cheese frosting stack cake with some yellow sugar crystals because she brightens up our days! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABY GIRL!

She took it all very seriously, haha!

(Some members of our family were MIA. As were Marlowe's pants. And that's a red dragon on Sterling's face, he had just gotten home from a Halloween party.)

Pumpkin Patch Kids

Each child with his or her accompanying carved pumpkin on Halloween 2010!

Halloween Group Shots Plus One

I know, my titles are really lacking something. Sorry.

As stated in a very boring way, here are the kids on Halloween 2010.

Here's the 'plus one' of Abby on 'dress-up-like-your-parents-when-they-were-in-high-school-day'. haha I think we nailed it.

This one is my fave. Makes me laugh.

Redneckin' It

Around Halloween time, a farm here does a corn maze and a bunch of fun, low-budget activities. And by low-budget, I mean sticking hay up your nose and stuff. Okay, not really. That's just what my kid does.A rope swing over some mattresses in a barn, for example.
Looks like Ace couldn't tell the difference between this and Disneyland.
Pipe slides make for a fun and bumpy ride.
Redneck trampoline!


The Littles

This is who I get to spend my whole day with. She's such a silly, sweet, adorable, happy little thing.
And after Marlowe and this funny little guy, Ace, get into some messy trouble, they get to take a bubble bath together!
This is her partner in crime, Ace. Look at that innocent little smile. But also notice the devious sparkle in his eye. Yeah. That.
Okay, okay. They don't really get into THAT much trouble. Most of the time, anyways. But they've definitely had their moments. And it tends to really tucker them out...