Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sand Hollow Reservoir on a Windy Saturday

Ace the avid walker meets sand for the first time...he loved it!
The big kids had such a great time exploring, digging in the sand, collecting sand beetles and playing with friends, Kaylee and Jaren, whom I didn't get pictures of some how, :( sorry.
Cute little Acey played on a blanket with Mom most of the time and ate snacks.  There was some serious wind whipping around or it would have been a perfect day.  We stuck it out and had a really good time nonetheless.
Joe in his fishing stance?  I don't think it was working for him this time though, all they caught/found was this crazy/choked to death bass below...
Guess his eyes were bigger than his stomach.  Gag.

Random Pics

Joe is very proud of his pointing puppy.
Buster vacuuming the house, what a good boy!
Sterling mopping the floor, wow!
Sterling and Buddy on a hike.
Sterling and Buddy play fetch.

These were some things Joe did with the kids while I was in Florida.  I think they had fun with their Daddy, even if he did make them do chores that Mommy doesn't make them do!  I've got pretty great kids.

Easter 2009

Thanks for the adorable outfits Grandmother!!!  

Friday, April 17, 2009

Goofy Pics of Me and Lins Just for Fun!

Back to FL

Julie, Lindsey and I with our cousins John Paul and Mark
Lindsey, Julie, Me, Mom, cute Grandpa Davis and Stephen
Stephen, peeking Uncle Glendall, Aunt Marilyn, Mom, Lindsey and Me

So after a fun-filled trip to FL I flew back about 2 weeks later for the funeral of my dear Aunt Janice who very sadly died in a car accident.  She was an amazingly humble, talented, sweet woman of great faith.  I love the memories I have of her and her twinkle-in-her-eye smile.  She will never be forgotten.  She leaves behind a husband, three children and numerous adoring grandchildren and loved ones.  One good thing that came of her passing was that very nearly the whole Davis family came together in FL to attend the funeral.  These are relatives that I hadn't seen for at least TWENTY years.  It was so wonderful to see them again and catch up on our lives.