Saturday, June 12, 2010

Play Time

This is the end of a very long and complicated play that the kids put together for us while we were at the park one day. They did a great job and the play had a nice message but it was getting hot and time to go. They're so funny. We took some group shots but it's so hard to get all five of them to look and smile at the same exact time.

Sterling's Stuff

We are proud to announce that Sterling Donald Morris has graduated from Rise and Shine Preschool! He was so cute at the graduation and sang every song with gusto and a big smile on his face!

Here he is with his sweet teachers, Mrs, Lisa and Mrs. Brylee.
Sterling is also a fierce T-ball player. Gosh, I just love this kid and his cute little kissable face.

Tutu Darling

I made everything in these photo's... except for the flower and the couch... and I guess the diaper too. But everything else was made by me, haha! Marlowe's so cute now that she's sitting up and crawling and chubby and smiley. So I stuffed her in a tutu and we took these pic's the other day.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ace Turned Two, Whoopadeedoo!

Ace is a cool little dude. One of his favorite things is his little sister, Marlowe, for sure. He loves giving her kisses and wrestling her and making her laugh by doing silly things. He has finally started talking and will say the same thing over and over until he gets what he needs. Which is probably a great tactic for getting your way when you're the fourth out of five. He is quick with a hug or 'loves' if someone is crying (usually Sterling). He loves reading books with his siblings and copying what they say. He loves Hotwheels cars. He will just sit there and roll one over the same spot again and again watching the wheels. He loves to color...on the new couch. He has a good poker face he uses in uncomfortable situations. He really loves to go bye-bye and will quickly find his shoes if he thinks one of us is about to go somewhere. He loves candy which he and Abby call 'nanoo'(?) I think she bribes him with nanoo a lot when she babysits. He has thee cutest smile and a twinkle in his eyes and I love him.We just had a little family party at Grammy's house with Grandma and Grandpa, too.
My lego cake fail. :{

Easter 2010