Friday, May 29, 2009

Park Pics

It's already getting so hot here.  Sterling took refuge in some bushes and the other kids followed.
Ace looking like a handsome little dude.
Ace is such a happy little boy!
He got his two front teeth!
Not too happy in his carseat.  :(

Silver Reef Ghost Town 1

Little Ster Ster looking quite forlorn in the musuem.
We must have eaten some chocolate or something, oh, maybe it was the yummy mulberries!
Abby and Buster in a bucket.
Mmm, Sterling couldn't get enough of the mulberries from this huge tree in front of the museum.
Us squeezed in the little bank safe that we told the kids was the jail where they would get locked up in if they touched anything.  They were really good and had fun looking at all the old pioneer stuff in the museum.  Everything looked so small to us except for the guns and tools.  We had a really good time.  We also visited the pioneer cemetery which had a lot of baby and young child graves that made me tear up just thinking about how hard life was back then.  This Silver Reef Mine was the only place in the world where they've ever gotten silver out of sandstone and they removed about 2 million dollars worth within about 20 years.  Many famous outlaws lived or visited there and there were no Mormons.  It was all very interesting and a fun family outing.

Silver Reef Ghost Town 2

Buster, Sterling and Abby checking out the relics of a bygone era.
The kiddo's and I in front of some kind of ore sorter?  I'm 4 months along here.
Taking a break to say 'cheese'!  The big silver mine building used to be right behind them on the hill but all that's left is a little part of the rock foundation.
Joe and Ace walking down the ghost town road.
The kids found something cool!  A rock!  Lots of rocks!  Some of the rocks actually had bits of silver and copper on them so that was exciting to them!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Pad of Splashy Fun

We recently spent an afternoon at a local splash pad with friends and the kid's had a blast!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Joe and his BFF, Kurt Baker, went turkey hunting the other day and here are some pics.  The turkey was officially Kurt's but they really hunted well together and it was a team effort.  At least that's what Joe told me.
This is as close as Sterling wanted to get to handsome Tom.
Tom and Buddy

Abby's Hawaiian Hula Birthday Bash

Abby and all her friends eating birthday cake and chocolate dipped strawberries and drinking pina colada's and strawberry daiquiri's!
Party girls on the stairs: Juliet, Samantha, Thalia, Elizabeth, Brandi, Johanna, Abby, Hailey and Rachel
We were so excited that Aunt Lindsey Lou Who could come down and help us celebrate!
Aunt Lindsey and I worked really hard to create this special sand castle cake for the Abster!  It's actually my favorite thing to do for the kids on their birthdays!
Abby and her Bro's before they left with dad because this was an ALL GIRL PARTAYYYY!!!  I really can't believe Abby is already into the double digits, the years have flown by!  She is a great girl and a loving big sister to all her little brothers.  Especially recently since she and Buster actually took my advice about having a lot more fun being best friends and trying to get along and play together instead of arguing all the time.  (Prayers answered!) 
This year we went with the Hawaiian theme and had a wonderfully girlie party for Abby and her girlfriends.  Abby presented each of her friends with a lei and Lindsey and I painted their nails for them when they arrived.  We also played pin the coconut on the palm tree, had a hula hoop contest (Abby won!), played beach towel tic tac toe and played dance freeze.  It really was a lot of fun!  Thanks for coming all the way down here Aunt Lindsey!